Becoming a SNAP Québec volunteer

CPAWS Québec sees volunteering as a true collaboration: volunteers are treated as equals; they work with us at the office, they take part in select meetings… they truly contribute to CPAWS’ daily life! This is a mutually beneficial commitment. Our volunteers agree to give us a definite number of hours over a pre-determined period of time, while we help them towards their goal. By volunteering for CPAWS Québec, you are not only solidifying your knowledge and understanding of environmental issues and contributing towards protecting parts of Québec, but you are also meeting like-minded people whose mission it is to protect wilderness areas! In return, our volunteers are our strength; without you, we wouldn’t be able to fully complete our mission.

What do volunteers do at CPAWS Québec?

We entrust volunteers with many different tasks: graphic design, event organization, event participation, data entry, translation, proofreading, photography, video editing, GIS analysis and map production, IT assistance…
NB: In terms of translation and revision, our team is already complete!

To become a volunteer, you must:

  • Live in the province of Québec
  • Be able to communicate in French
  • Have skills and/or experience in your chosen area of interest
  • Be easily reached, either by e-mail or phone
  • Commit to completing the task in question

Becoming a volunteer

To become a volunteer, please fill out the form below. A CPAWS Québec Employee will contact you. 

Fill out my online form.

For those people who wish to have information about SNAP Québec’s activities, but aren’t available to commit to a project at this time, you can subscribe to our Newsletter on our homepage and like our Facebook page. You may fill out the form to volunteer at any time.

In addition…
We accept proposals for unpaid internships in the communication and environmental fields.
For more information and to view current positions, go to our “Jobs” page.

Thanks and see you soon!