Employees and collaborators

Alain Branchaud,
Executive Director

With twenty years of experience in conservation and endangered species, M. Branchaud joins SNAP Québec's team in 2015. In the past, he has worked developing Environment Canada's Species at Risk program. He is also the cofounder of Rescousse project, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for Quebec's species at risk.

Alice de Swarte,
Project Manager in conservation and political analysis

Alice holds a master's degree in Political science, from both University of Sorbonne in Paris and University of Montreal. She has three years of experience in research and advocacy in different environmental organizations and regional administrations, both in France and Quebec. Her role at SNAP Québec is to support our efforts toward protecting 50% of our wilderness.


Pier-Olivier Boudreault,
Project Manager in conservation and forestry

Pier-Olivier is a professional biologist. His work experience at Parks Canada and several other non-profit groups in Quebec and in Central America led him to be interested in conservation and protected areas. He wrote a guide about ameliorating forest practices to protect wetlands in the Mauricie region. He also led a research project in Nicaragua, in the Laguna de Apoyo nature reserve, where he studied the responses of avian communities to human disturbances. At SNAP Québec, he works on campaigns that relate to forestry and the development of new protected wilderness areas.


Sylvain Archambault,
Biologist and SNAP Québec representative in the St-Lawrence Coalition 

With a MSc in Biology (ecology), Sylvain's has worked for 20 years as a consultant for environmental organizations and government agencies. Since 2003, most of his time is dedicated to SNAP Québec, working on protected areas, territory planning, natural resources (forestry and mining).  For the past 5 years, Sylvain represents SNAP Québec in the St-Lawrence Coalition, an organization demanding a moratorium on petroleum and gas exploration and expansion in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Sylvain has a unique expertise on offshore hydrocarbons in the Gulf, and by way of producing plain-language papers, presenting at conferences, and giving hundreds of interviews, he has significantly contributed to the public's awareness of these activities. Presently, he is writing a guide about petroleum and gas exploration and expansion in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Charlène Daubenfeld,
Communications Manager

Charlène holds a Master’s degree in Communications and Marketing from the École Supérieure de Commerce de Grenoble in France. Her four years’ experience in the private sector and with NPOs  allowed her to work on a range of assignments relating to communications, both in event organization and community mobilization, as well as project development. Committed to nature conservation and environmental protection, Charlène joined the SNAP team in September 2016 as Communications Manager.

Isabelle Teasdale 
Communications Assistant

Isabelle holds a BSc in Ecology and a master’s in Environmental Studies from Sherbrooke university. This academic background, together with her internships and professional experiences have given her a deep knowledge about the protection of wild nature as well as a global understanding of environmental issues.She is a proud multipontetialite with a strong interest in general topics and tasks. Isabelle is pleased to join SNAP Québec and to bring in her versatility and capacity of synthesis to support the achievement of team’s projects and mandates.


Nicole Morin,
Administrative Assistant

Recently retired, Nicole joins SNAP Québec's team in May 2015. With her experience in administration, she has all the tools to support the organization.