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Yes to nature, no to hydrocarbons !
Ask the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Pierre Arcand, to remove the oil & gas licenses that impede the creation of protected areas in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region and everywhere in Quebec!
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The Magpie River: Beautiful from one end to the other
Hydro-Quebec considers the Magpie River a potential site for a hydropower plant in the future. Quebec’s Office for Public Hearings on the Environment recommends complete protection of the region and the addition of the Magpie River to the biodiversity reserve.
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Protect Québec's biodiversity
Ask the government of Québec to respect the international biodiversity targets, which aim for a minimum of 17% of protected areas by 2020, and to commit to doing more starting today: 25% of protected areas by 2025!
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Add your voice for protecting Canada's oceans!
I support protecting Canada's oceans. I urge governments to quickly establish 12 new marine protected areas recommended by CPAWS and create networks of marine protected areas in all of our oceans.
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