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We focus on protecting many important areas of Canada's wilderness. Find out about the issues we work on below, or click on a link to the right to more about where we work.

Défense de nos aires protégées

Defending our Protected Areas

Our most well-known protected areas are, without a doubt, our national parks. Who has not heard of the Parc national de la Gaspésie or the Parc national Mont-Orford, under the jurisdiction of the government of Québec, or the federal National Parks such as Forillon National Park, La Mauricie National Park or the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve?
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Projets terrestres

Terrestrial Projects

Québec’s land mass covers more than 1,312,000 km2 and includes rich natural environments: boreal forest, southern deciduous forest, great wild rivers, shoreline, pack ice… These spectacular landscapes are also indispensable habitat for many animal and plant species.
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Projets marins

Marine areas

Less than 1% of its ocean area protected, Canada is far behind other countries in marine conservation.
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Pour qu’une aire protégée puisse voir le jour, il est primordial de mener un important travail de sensibilisation - non seulement auprès du grand public, mais aussi auprès des usagers, des professionnels et des acteurs locaux.
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Enjeux de société


Besides its work on protected areas, CPAWS also cares about the proper management of our natural resources and addresses several social issues.
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Get Involved

Are you interested in the work done by CPAWS Quebec? Would you like to participate in or support our projects? It’s possible! Welcome to the team.
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