The national park reserve, Assinica, is a protected area of approximately 3 200km2, located northwest of the Cree of Ouje-Bougoumou community. Made official in 2011, this protected area was the topic of discussion for several years between the Quebec government and the Cree people. This outcome is due to the passionate leadership of the Cree people in the field of conservation of their natural heritage.

For CPAWS Quebec, the national park reserve Assinica represents the first step to important conservation and it can lead to a network of protected areas, totaling 10 000km2. In fact, the Nemaska and Waswanipi communities, which are under the Grand Council of the Cree, respectfully claim the protection of two adjacent sectors: Chisesaakahiikan and Mishigamish. These parks are adjacent to the national park reserve Assinica.

The Assinica reserve can also expand to include the habitat of the woodland caribou and a significant portion of the Broadback River, which is currently located outside the protected area. Although the status of “national park reserve” signifies that the territory is protected from industrial activities, the Quebec law does not currently recognize this official status. The government needs to act quickly to recognize this official status of “national park” and associate it with this protected area.