Gaspé peninsula

This area located off the Gaspé peninsula encompasses many impressive natural features such as wetlands, island ecosystems, and the American Banks shallows.

 The marine region is home to a great diversity of fauna, including several imperilled species such as Leatherback Turtles and Atlantic Wolffish. It is also an important summer foraging ground for the Blue Whale, the largest animal on Earth, that frequents the region on its way from the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, this exceptionnal area is being subjected to substantial pressure (e.g. increase in maritime transport, urbanisation, pollution, and ressource extraction). CPAWS is closely collaborating with the ROMM (Réseau d'observation des mammifères marins) to support the creation of a marine protected area in the sector. Representatives from First Nations as well as fisheries and tourism operators have also shown interest for the project.

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How deep did Canada dare?

Assessing national progress towards marine protection to December 2012.