Mushuau-nipi Youth Initiatives

Mushuau-nipi Youth Initiatives allow both aboriginal and non-aboriginal youths to participate in a series of activities organized by the Corporation of the Mushuau-nipi (Corporation du Mushuau-nipi) to develop knowledge of the First Nations culture and traditional territory.

CPAWS Québec partners up with the Corporation of the Mushuau-nipi since 2014 to engage youths and let them discover the culture, values and traditional way of life of the Innu.

The ancestral Mushuau-nipi site

Mushuau-nipi is Innu-aimun for “the country without a tree”. Situated in the tundra 250 km northeast of Schefferville, on the migratory path of the George River caribou herd, this location has been at the heart of Innu culture for thousands of years. It is also known nationally for its archeological and historical legacy. It is here that the Corporation of the Mushuau-nipi campsite was established to focus on the transmission of intergenerational knowledge and the values of listening, authenticity, solidarity and sharing.

2016 Edition - An inspiring seminar in the tundra for young leaders

Last September, CPAWS Québec accompanied two young members from the First Nations and three Québécois for an inspiring and formative experience in the tundra.

During this 'in the bush' seminar, the young members had the chance to experience the traditional Innu way of life. They cooked bannock (Innu traditional bread) and kukamess (trout), saw caribou and bustards and listened to old Innu legends about the land. The experience was further enriched when they discussed protecting the land and how to reconcile young people and the different Innu leaders.

They also had the opportunity to visit the mining town of Schefferville and witness the social and environmental impacts of reckless mining development.

The young leaders of the Mushuau-Nipi return to their communities with renewed energy, innovative tools and choice allies, ready to take concrete steps to protect the land and to seek reconciliation.

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CPAWS Québec thanks the Chawkers Foundation, the Gosling Foundation and the New Pathways Foundation for their support.

2014 Edition


In August 2014, CPAWS Québec got involved in the Youth Initiatives by assisting in the creation of a workshop on conservation issues and by helping two youths participate in this extraordinary week of adventures.

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  • Watch the video testimony of Mathis, who participated in the Youth Initiatives thanks to the support of the Small Change Fund. (Available in French)

CPAWS Québec thanks the Small Change Fund for their support.