The Bas-Saint-Laurent Region

The Bas-Saint-Laurent is a land of mixed forest, where the sumptuous Appalachian Mountains rub shoulders with countless majestic rivers and a coastline rich in biodiversity. Plans for protected zones, which would preserve these precious places, are already long overdue...

Since 2010, the percentage of protected areas in the Bas-Saint-Laurent has remained stagnant at under 5%. Yet, proposals for seven areas of interest were submitted in 2013 after a wide public consultation was carried out by the Bas-Saint-Laurent Regional Conference of Elected Officers. These areas of interest would increase the percentage of protected zones to just over 7%. However, none of these areas of interest have so far been protected, not least because of the fact that the majority have oil and gas permits. Without legal status, these territories are vulnerable to all forms of industrial activity.

The work of CPAWS Québec

In collaboration with local groups, CPAWS Québec has got involved with public consultations, publishing a report and providing technical expertise to interested parties. CPAWS also launched a petition to establish protected areas, which received the support of 3,000 people.

And it doesn’t stop there. In partnership with the Bas-Saint-Laurent Regional Council of the Environment, CPAWS Québec unveiled a study revealing that the granting of oil and gas permits to industries impedes the creation of protected areas. Organizations have therefore called for the government to act by implementing plans for protected areas and reforming the oil and gas permit system.

Take action now to tell the government to remove the oil & gas licenses that impede the creation of protected areas!

* This campaign is possible thanks to the of Mountain Equipment Coop, among others. 

Areas of interest photo album:

Assemetquagan River, photo: Denis Romanoff 

Eastern Lake

Patapedia River, photo: Julien Beaumier

Réserve Duchénier

Chic-Chocs (Cap-Chat River), Photo: Daniel Bélanger

Cascapedia River

Causapscal River, Photo: OBVMR

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Yes to nature, no to hydrocarbons !
Ask the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources to remove the oil & gas licenses that impede the creation of protected areas in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region and everywhere in Quebec!
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