Arctic Circle Forum in Quebec


From December 11 to 13, 2016, Quebec will host the Arctic Circle Forum, a major international forum on sustainable development in arctic and northern regions.

This is an opportunity to urge the government of Quebec to take concrete action to protect our northern natural and cultural heritage, and for us to indicate that we are monitoring their actions!

Become an Observer of Plan Nord !

Since protected areas north of the 49th parallel have only been expanded by 1.2% since Plan Nord was launched in 2011 and none of the measures that have been implemented make it possible to guarantee the conservation of our unique natural and cultural heritage, we invite you to become an #ObserverOfPlanNord.

  • Are you a resident of Northern Quebec?

Tell us what you see! Report your observations to us, and use the hashtag #ObserverOfPlanNord on social media

  • Are you a participant in the Arctic Circle Forum, a scientist or a representative of civil society?

Through you, we can speak louder! Question Quebec representatives about their actions in regard to northern conservation, and use the hashtag #ObserverOfPlanNord on social media

  • Are you a citizen?

Listen carefully to what’s going on around you! Be vigilant, keep us informed and pass on information about #ArcticCircleQC using the hashtag #ObserverOfPlanNord to raise awareness about these issues within your network


To learn more:


Download the PDF version of  our proposal to the government of Quebec

Download our factsheet for the Observers of Plan Nord: Safeguards for Quebec’s remaining intact wilderness