Help create a whale!


As someone who cares about our oceans, you know how much more needs to be done to protect them. We recently wrote to you to share new reports released by CPAWS and the Auditor General that underscore how slow Canada’s efforts have been in creating new marine protected areas.

CPAWS intends to keep the pressure on so that Canada will step up the pace of ocean protection. One of the ways we’ll do this is by reaching out to more Canadians from coast to coast to coast to ask them to speak up for our oceans, because decision-makers care what the public thinks.

So...we’re going to create a whale.
What's that, you say?
That’s right, a whale...mascot, that is! Here’s where we’re hoping you’ll come in.

No, we’re not asking you to help sew the costume. But we do need your help to pay a talented costume design team to make the whale mascot for us.

Why are we doing this? Because a mascot is a huge help at community events where we talk to people about conservation. We know this because our caribou mascot Bou has helped us to sign on over 32,000 people to speak out for protecting caribou’s Boreal forest habitat!

Will you help us rally more Canadians to sign in support of our oceans? By making a small donation today, you will help us create our whale mascot.

Creating the whale mascot will cost us a little over $5,000. The good news is, we've found a generous donor who will match donations of up to $2,500 for this project. That means that every dollar you contribute generates $2 towards our goal.

The creative team that will make this happen for us is standing by and available to do this work in the coming month, but we need to give them the go ahead before March 8. Please make your contribution today to this important effort.

With your help, we can reach out to a growing number of people who care about our oceans and want to see them protected.

Éric Hébert-Daly
National Executive Director

PS: If you are able to make a contribution before March 8, we'll share the plans for the humpback whale costume we've got in mind and give you an advance viewing of our new mascot before it goes into service later this year! And what's more... if you're able to help us with a contribution of $20 or more, you will also get a copy of the design panel while the mascot is under construction.