Help Santa make his rounds!


Santa is feeling rather lonely this year... His caribou are nowhere to be seen! So who is going to pull his sleigh and help him deliver presents to children big and small?

Caribou are a species at risk and concrete action needs to be taken to protect them.

As this year draws to an end, CPAWS needs your support carrying out a major campaign for the protection of the caribou’s Boreal Forest habitat.  In concrete terms, your donation will help create the first large protected area, measuring more than ten thousand kilometres, in the region of the Broadback River and Lake Evans. By protecting the caribou’s habitat, we’ll also benefit from the vital services this forest provides in supplying our oxygen, purifying our water and air, and slowing the impact of climate change.

No matter what amount, your donation will make a difference.

Thank you for your support and Happy Holidays!
The CPAWS Quebec team

* Do reindeer or caribou pull Santa’s sleigh? The correct answer is that they actually belong to the same species, “Rangifer tarandus.” This species is called caribou in North America and reindeer in Europe.

By protecting the caribou’s Boreal Forest habitat, we also protect a number of other species and wetlands, in addition to preventing the release of large quantities of carbon into the atmosphere. To learn more about caribou and to sign our petition asking for their protection, please click here.

Illustration above: Martin Verret