Our mascot “Bou” has made a friend!



During the Earth Day protests, children, teenagers, adults and seniors were lining up to take a picture with Bou -our caribou mascot- and to sign our petition for the protection of these threatened species.

During this event, Bou had an unusual encounter; he met another caribou! The mascot, Comet, joined CPAWS to help protect the Woodland Caribou. Comet is currently located in Quebec City, where he visits different public areas and events to raise support for his protection. The government has just established a rehabilitation program for the Woodland Caribou found in the Boreal forest, but this will only provide the caribou with a 60% chance of survival. This program is not sufficient and if it is not improved, the caribou population will continue to decrease.

In the case that you do not have the opportunity to meet Bou or Comet, I invite you to sign our online petition to help protect the caribou and their home: the Boreal forest.

You may also send a letter to the government to ask them to improve the rehabilitation program for the caribou and tell them that you care about this issue?

Thank you for your support, your actions will help make a difference. 

Marie-Eve Allaire

*If you know of any events of locations around Quebec City where Comet may walk around and meet people that care about this issue, please contact 514-728-7627 ext 221.