The generous Gulf of St-Lawrence in the National Geographic !


An article in honor of our exceptional Gulf of St. Lawrence in the world renowned magazine The National Geographic.

A beautiful map lists the significant ecological and biological areas that we recommend as great Marine protected areas in the Gulf of St. Lawrence whose the area of ​​the American Bank and the St. Lawrence Estuary.

"The Gulf of St. Lawrence is the sum total of everything that rolls downhill. It gathers from rivers whose finger streams begin hundreds of miles away—in cities like Montreal and in old-growth forests in New York State. It sweeps up sediment, runoff, and the litter of leaves. It churns and roils in a constant state of metamorphosis. Underwater, bacteria and plankton mix sediment with light and animate the inanimate. The accounting adds up to a density of shimmering, biting, drifting life as rich as anywhere else on Earth."

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